Michael Kaufman is a Software Developer II based out of Nashville, TN
Michael Kaufman

Nice to meet you!

My name is Michael Kaufman. I’m a software engineer based out of the Nashville area in Tennessee and I have a passion for making awesome things!
I love to work and learn with teams that love creating shippable products. I've worked with a government team maintaining legacy software as well as an agricultural software development team using the latest front end development practices to rapidly develop and prototype.
Michael Kaufman
I believe in the principal of , or incremental development. Incremental improvement every day no matter how small makes a big difference in your skill over time.
Little by little, one travels far.
Michael Kaufman
ABC, or "Always Be Coding" is a practice I try to subscribe to. To keep up with my coding skills in my free time, I work on building video games from the ground up using the Godot game engine, which uses a language similar to Python.

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